Pete Johnson

"I have known Andy Torbett for over 15 years and have worked with him on many community service projects. Andy is a strong family man that demonstrates and lives high standards in all aspects of his life.


He is a tireless worker and an exceptional team player that has great ability to organize, plan and execute complex projects. Andy is a leader that understands the complex needs of Piscataquis County for economic development and the dual requirement to maintain the environment and character of our County that make it the unique place that it is. I highly recommend Andy to be selected County Commissioner."

Paul Davis

"I have known Andy Torbett for at least fifteen years. It didn't take long before I knew where he stood on various issues and that he stands for conservative values. Andy is a small business man who has signed both sides of a paycheck, and having lived the past twenty-two years in Piscataquis County he knows how hard it can be to make a living.


Andy is one who listens to both sides of an issue and can make sound decisions for the betterment of our citizens. Andy sees the importance to retain funding for police protection, good roads and bridges and seeing our unorganized territories are represented. Andy has served on various committees and can work with the other commissioners to see that our citizens' concerns are heard. Join me on Nov. 3rd and support Andy Torbett for County Commissioner District 2."

Bruce Poliquin

Former U.S. Congressman, Maine 2nd District

"I’ve known Andy Torbett and his wonderful family for ten years. He’s running for the important position of Piscataquis County Commissioner. Please vote for Andy. He’s the right person for the job.

Andy and his lovely wife Sara have three terrific kids; they embrace traditional family values. He’s a fiscal conservative who’s been running a successful small construction business for thirty years. He understands that you should only spend what you take in - critical to running government at any level.

As a small business owner, Andy has experienced up close why elected officials should support our small businesses with lower taxes and fewer regulations. That helps create jobs and paychecks which our Piscataquis County families depend on. Andy gets it because he’s lived it.

The most effective government is the one which limits intrusion in our lives and is closest to home. Andy practices this cornerstone of Maine home rule. He knows the best decisions for our families are made in the small towns of Piscataquis County, not in Augusta or Washington.

A recovering economy with more jobs; families safe in their homes; kids back at school; and honesty and integrity in government - that’s what Andy Torbett stands for. I enthusiastically endorse Andy for your County Commissioner. He’ll do a great job. I hope you’ll vote for him."

Consider donating to the campaign today. Your support is much appreciated!

District 2 includes the towns of Atkinson, Bowerbank, Dover-Foxcroft, Medford, Orneville Twp and Sebec.

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